About the Concord Bethel Dems

OUR CORE VALUES: Transparency in Government • Equality and Health Choices for Women • Protecting Seniors • Educating Children • Preserving open space

The purpose of the Concord-Bethel Democratic Committee is to provide an organized registered political committee with a strong presence for Democrats in the Townships of the Garnet Valley School District, particularly Concord and Bethel Townships.

Committee Officers

Joe Campisano - Chair

Julie Eble - Bethel Vice-Chair

Ed Keane - Concord Vice-Chair

Kathy Petrini - Secretary

Vance Downing - Treasurer

Matt Horwitz - Social Media

Officers elected at the Concord Bethel Democratic Committee reorganization meeting on June 19, 2018

Committee Meetings

We meet the third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 PM in the Cardinal Clubhouse of the Maris Grove community off of Evergreen Dr behind the Concordville Town Center shopping center. As it is a gated community, when you pull up to gatehouse let them know you are coming for the Concord-Bethel Democratic Committee meeting. Once inside the Cardinal Clubhouse, there is a welcome desk and the staff can point you to the particular meeting room we're in. We look forward to seeing you there!

Activities Include

  • Participation on Election Day
  • Community Volunteers
  • Creating Checks and Balances in Local Government
  • Attending Township Meetings
  • Building a Better form of Government

 Paid for by Concord-Bethel Democratic Committee