Shelly Chauncey is a criminal defense and family law attorney in Delaware County. She attended law school after a 15-year career as a counter-intelligence officer with the CIA. She has not only served her country as a diplomat across the globe, but has worked domestically on hostage working groups with the military and other government agencies to free hostages in war-torn countries. She provides pro bono counsel for the Pennsylvania Innocence Project, Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, and various criminal record expungement clinics across the southeast Pennsylvania region.

Shelly is active in local, state, and national politics and serves as a democratic committee person in Delaware County. Shelly previously served as executive director of the Pennsylvania Election Law Firm, a 501(c)(3) organization committed to protecting the right to vote in Pennsylvania. 

Outside of her professional career, Shelly is a long-time foster and adoptive parent and advocate for the rights of children and youth. She works closely with elected officials and stakeholders to advance policies and initiatives designed to protect our children and families. 

Shelly moved to Concord Township after an extensive career in government service because of the history associated with the Township. She and her family own and are restoring one of Concord Townships oldest treasures - The John Hannum House on Concord Rd. What once sat vacant and ignored for many years now serves as her family's cherished home. Restoring and protecting Concord's history is a top priority for Shelly and she is committed to advancing the mission of Concord's Historical Society and Historical Commission. Shelly will fight for open space preservation and make the interests and concerns of township residents a focus of her service.