TONIGHT - Tuesday March 10th - Critical Board of Supervisors Meeting


Today is the day, the last chance to stop the “Vineyard Commons” proposal. Despite over 52violations of township code and 10 variance requests, the Planning Commission approved the proposal, and it is now going before the Board of Supervisors tonight. We must make our voices heard at tonight’s meeting and demand our elected officials ensure our township code is enforced by denying this plan proposal.

Supervisors John Gillespie, Kevin O’Donoghue, and Libby Salvucci listened to the voices of Concord Township citizens on February 3rd by denying the “Hall Property” proposal, but only because we made our voices heard. It was because of your efforts - reaching out to our supervisors and attending public meetings - that the “Hall Property” proposal was rejected. We must do this again tonight for the “Vineyard Commons” proposal. The Board of Supervisors will be meeting tonight, Tuesday March 10th, at 6pm at the Garnet Valley High School (not the Middle School).

I look forward to seeing you tonight at 6pm at the High School to support the enforcement of our township code and Save the Valley. Together, we can hold our local government accountable.

Will Dems Take Responsibility?

Democrats, we control our destiny and future with regards to our participation and involvement within Concord and Bethel Townships.  We must shoulder our share of responsibility and stop depending on Republicans to run everything from local government to poll workers on Election Day. 

Better government is about participation!

We can go back to the days of not running Democratic candidates for local offices, but I do not want to see this happen.  I plan to run for Concord Supervisor if Democrats will support a campaign.

Tuesday, March 10th, is the deadline to file as a candidate.

Can I count on your support?  If so, please click on the banner below to complete the pledge form of financial support.  Together, we can build a better form of local government.

Dan Foster, Chair

Concord-Bethel Democratic Committee

Recognition of Courage

Special recognition should be given to Mr. Kevin O’Donoghue, Ms. Libby Salvucci and Mr. John Gillespie for their courage of enforcing the law and not giving into developer demands for variances and zoning changes. What makes this vote special is that all Board of Supervisor decisions have been unanimous and having a split decision is a rare occasion in Concord Township.  In fact, we have not been able to find a split decision in the past.  We encourage residents to reach out to these Supervisors and thank them for their courage.   Please click on the image below to read our letter of recognition.

Thank You!


Concord Township Videos

As a public service to Concord Township, we are pleased to provide township videos of public meetings which include the Board of Supervisors, Government Study Commission and Planning Commission meetings.  The full length videos are a result of the Board of Supervisors refusing to record their meetings and provide access to seniors who can't attend the evening meetings or the general public who have schedule conflicts.  This will allow anyone who misses a meeting to view it on-line at their convenience.

We hope that you find it informative and useful.  Please drop us a note to let us know what you think.



2015 Election Heats Up

Chief Justice Castille The looming retirement of Chief Justice Ronald Castille will create one of the three vacancies on the Pa. Supreme Court in 2015.This year could be one of the most important elections in Pennsylvania history, primarily because we have never had three state supreme court races on the ballot.  This unprecedented election cycle will mean that there will be a ton of outside money flowing in the state with implications of affecting the redistricting that will happen after the 2020 census. These three races are life time appointments which could impact the high court for the next 10-20 years.

Even though Democrat voter registrations out number Republicans by 1.2 million voters in the state of Pennsylvania, the Republicans have successfully gerrymandered the districts where they fully controlled of the state until the 2014 General Election when Tom Wolf won as Governor. 

Read more at the Post-Gazette


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